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Upper respiratory herbal tea blend


Nature’s Pharmacy

Upper respiratory herbal Tea blend.


Mullein leaf,Rosemary,Lemon grass,Basil,Mint,Sage,Echinacea,chamomile,Orange & lemon Peels,Wormwood,Eucalyptus leaves,lavender,Oregano,Moringa leaf powder,good vibes.


Loosens up mucus.

Helps with chest congestion.

Increases oxygen and blood circulation.

Warms up body.

Boosts Immunity.

Suppresses coughs ,colds,asthma,blocked nose,sinusitis.

Opens airways.

Improves breathing.

Directions for use.

Place one teabag of the upper respiratory herbal tea blend in 500mls to 1 litre of hot boiled water in a glass ,stainless steel or ceramic jug or flask,let it infuse,Adults can have two cups of 350mls to 500mls x 2 daily before meals,Children can have 150mls to 250mls of the tea x2 daily.

Drink warm.

Taste tips.

You can add ginger,cinnamon,cloves,lemon or honey to your tea.


Don’t use if you react to any of the ingredients.

Use sparingly if pregnant.

10 tea bags.


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