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In this kit we have the princess tea which helps with menstrual cramps,active 24/7 herbal soap which helps with body odour,cne,acne spots,eczema etc)  and the natural roll on which will help keep the young princess fresh all day.

More information about the products in this kit

Natural roll on deodorant 100mls

Ingredients Organic vegetable glycerin Purified water. Organic juniper berry essential oil. Aloevera leaf extract,Xanthum gum ,Vanilla planifolia. Organic tea tree essential, oil Organic cornstarch powder,Organic witch hazel extract Organic lavender essential oil


Controls excess sweating.

Keeps your armpits fresher and odour free through the day.

Targets bacteria that cause body odour.

Improves under arm skin texture and colour.

Prevents under arm break outs and ingrown hair.

Usage Apply roll on deodorant using three to four back and forth motion’s evenly on the under arms. Let your under arms dry completely before you get dressed or do any activities that may cause you to sweat. Reapply if required. Don’t use of you react to any of the ingredients. Paraben and perfume free.



This herbal tea may help eleviate  menstrual cramps aka period


hormonal imbalance.

INGRIDIENTS;crampbark,chamomile,basil,cocoa,red raspberry,yarrow,red

clover.lavender,evening primrose,cinnamon.peppermint,lemon balm.

Dosage 1 teabag in a cup of hot boiled water 350-500mls,drink till cramps

subside. You may drink to over 3cups in a day. The tea bag can be reused up to 2

to 3 times.


Active Fresh 24/7 Herbal soap

This soap has been formulated with love,care and natural herbs like neem,lavender,thyme,i mphepho,apple cider vinegar,lemon juice,Sage oregano,Moringa ,momordica foetida,lambs quarter,to help keep the body odour free through the day,it may help with minor skin infections,eczema,fungal and bacterial skin infections,over sweating,hyperpigmentation ,acne,spots,blemishes,pimples,sunburn.


Lather soap on sponge or bath glove,wash full body then cleanse with water.


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