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Health Benefits of Negro Pepper

  1. Negro pepper can be used as a preservative.
  2. The crushed seeds of Negro pepper are very effective in the treatment of itches, boil, and skin eruptions when applied directly on the skin.
  3. Regular consumption of negro pepper promotes weight loss to ensure healthy weight control.
  4. Nursing mothers should consume Negro pepper to boost their production of milk after childbirth and appetite.
  5. The use of Negro pepper is good for fighting malaria due to its anti-malaria property.
  6. The antioxidant properties in Negro pepper help to prevent and destroy the growth of cancer cells.
  7. Consumption of Negro pepper by women after delivery helps to facilitate the healing of wounds in the womb and the recovery process.
  8. Regular consumption of Negro pepper is good for the treatment of infectious ailments such as colds, coughs, and flu.
  9. Negro pepper contains essential oils which can be used for producing cosmetics such as perfumes, foaming liquids, soaps, repellents, and creams.
  10. Negro pepper can be used in folk medicines for increasing menstrual blood flow. That is for treating an abnormal absence of menstruation.
  11. Negro pepper is good for combating respiratory discomforts such as Asthma, Pneumonia, and Bronchitis.
  12. The antibacterial properties of Negro pepper are used for treating toothache.
  13. Negro pepper is used as a natural contraceptive to control the spacing of children by boiling the seeds with only water and taking the solution after sexual intercourse.
  14. The analgesic effect of Negro pepper is good to reduce general pain.
  15. It helps to boost fertility in women.

Uda seed (also commonly known as Negro pepper) is an aromatic spice with lots of amazing health benefits to offer. Uda seed is known as Negro pepper or Grains of Selim in the English language, Erunje or Erinje in Yoruba language, Uda in Igbo language and Kimba in the Hausa language


Negro pepper has anti-inflammatory properties and so can be used in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other inflammatory conditions. Regular consumption of Negro pepper is healthy for treating gastric ulcer. Good for the treatment of ailments such as cough, flu and cold

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