Hydrolised Collagen and Gelatin capsules (60 capsules)


Hydrolosed Collagen + Gelatin Capsules

Increase skin collagen density and skin hydration.
Restore skin elasticity.
Support and repair the digestive tract.
Promotes tissue repair and wound healing.
Increases muscle strength and regeneration.
Supports proper digestion.
Promotes Cardiovascular health.
Regulates stomach acid secretion.
Supports liver function.
Strengthen hair, nails and teeth
Promote new hair growth.
Reduce joint inflammation associated with aging.
Encourages bone growth and eleviates joint pain.
Assist with accelerating injury recovery time.
Assist in healing acne and scars.
Fights neural oxidation.
Boosts metabolism hence aiding weight loss.
Reduces wrinkles and early signs of aging.
Prevents and treats rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Maintains the integrity of tendons and ligaments.

For optimum results, please take 2 capsules per day.

Two super powders that have been added  together to maximise their benefits to human health.

Ideal  for both men and women with sagging skin,rheumatoid arthritis,joint pain,osteoarthritis,restores skin elasticity,inflammation,tissue repair,wound healing,weak teeth,joints,hair,bones,nails etc.

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