Glass Tea Pot With Strainer 1.5litres


Use this tea pot to make the most delicious cups of tea. This tea pot is perfect for herbal tea and ensures a smooth drinking experience

Get healthier with Nature’s Pharmacy glass Tea Pot. With a classic design, made with durable material and a built in strainer.
The teapot is equipped with a stainless steel stainless steel tea strain basket, which can be used to place tea bags or loose tea leaves.
The teapot can hold up to 2000ML while enjoying tea with family and friends, whether it’s a party, a dinner party or any social gathering!
The bottom of the pot is anti-collision and non-slip thickened base, the spout is smoothly exported, and the water is concentrated and leaks.
Hot and cold are very good – suitable for storage and cold water, it is safe to pour directly into boiling water.
This pitcher can be used for many types of beverages from water, cold/hot water, iced tea and fruit infused juices etc


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