Our fibroids shrinking juice is made from organic fruits and vegetables like carrots,beetroots,apples,spinach,cactus,turmeric,ginger,cucumber,lemon,Dandelion leaves.
please note its only made on order and can only be purchased by clients in the GAUTENG area.
this juice is so concetrated and will need you to dilute it in order to consume it.
comes in 500mls bottles x4.

This juice promotes tissue repair and balance of the adrenal glands which produce sex hormones and cortisol, the stress hormone. Beta carotene-rich foods also boost fertility which is something that women with fibroids may be struggling with.

Replenishes lost iron from heavy menstrual bleeding that can cause iron-deficiency anemia.

It also contains fiber that aids in weight loss, proper bowel movement and balancing blood sugars.

Helps balance the acidity in the body and normalize the body’s natural pH. Acidity in the body causes inflammation which aggravates fibroids.

Rich in fibre, which is good for balancing hormones, aids in weight loss and balances blood sugar which all assist in preventing and slowing down the growth of fibroids.

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