Chebe Hair Butter 100gms


Chebe Boost Butter Helps to Increase Hair Strength and Length.
Helps to retain Moisture and Hair Length.
Prevents Excessive Hair Shedding.
Promotes Faster Hair Growth for Men, and Women with All Hair types and Textures.

Prevents Excessive Hair Breakage.

Shea butter
Almond oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Hemp oil
Chebe powder
Crude Avocado butter
Coconut oil
Good vibes.
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We all have different types of hair that spirals and make it tricky for natural hair oils to make their way down each strand from the root, so while you may have an oily scalp, as you get closer to your ends, hair can be dry. Even if you have a set line-up of natural hair products, replenishing nutrients with best hair oil for your curl pattern is essential to both growth and overall health. But knowing how to choose the best oil for hair growth and general care can be confusing. This is why we introduced Natures Pharmacy’s line of hair, health improving products. With this range of essential oils, butters and sprays, we aim to ease the stress and stop you from pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect product for your crown.


100g, 200g, 100g x 10 tins, 200g x 10 tins

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