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BATANA BUTTER 200MLS (cold pressed)


What is Batana butter?

Batana butter typically refers to a type of butter made from batana, which is a palm fruit native to Central America. There may not be different “types” of batana butter per se, but variations could exist based on how it’s processed or additional ingredients added. However, it’s not as common as other types of butter like peanut butter or almond butter, so variations might be limited.

cold pressed Batana butter vs hot pressed

Cold-pressed batana butter is made by mechanically pressing the batana fruit at low temperatures, typically below 120°F (49°C). This method helps to retain more nutrients and preserves the natural flavors of the fruit. On the other hand, hot-pressed batana butter involves pressing the fruit at higher temperatures, which may result in some loss of nutrients and flavor due to heat exposure. Cold-pressed batana butter is generally considered to be of higher quality due to its minimal processing and preservation of nutrients.

What is the colour of cold pressed batana butter?

The color of cold-pressed batana butter can vary, but it is typically a rich golden or deep orange hue.

This color is derived from the natural pigments present in the batana fruit, such as carotenoids. The exact shade may depend on factors such as the ripeness of the fruit and the processing methods used.

Hot pressed Batana butter.

The color of hot-pressed batana butter can also vary, but it tends to be darker than cold-pressed batana butter. The higher temperatures used in the hot pressing process may cause some caramelization or browning of the butter, resulting in a deeper golden or amber color. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat can alter the natural pigments in the batana fruit, contributing to the darker hue of hot-pressed batana butter.

This batana butter is cold pressed.

We have the hot pressed banana butter too.

It’s dark brown in colour.

Benefits of batana butter…

Promotes hair thickness
Nourishes scalp
Repair split ends
Hair loss protection
Healthy hair
Moisturizes dry & brittle hairs
Tames the fuzz
Super hydrating and locks in moisture;
Adds more shine and softness to hair;
Prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length ·
Treats dandruff .
Helps with acne,acne spots,eczema,psoriasis,sunburns,dermatitis,stretch marks ,scars,cellulite,.
Protects skin from the sun’s UV rays.
Reduces wrinkles,dryness and skin lines.
Moisturises skin.
Prevents breakdown of collagen.




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