African herbal Vaccine Drink 500mls


This amazing herbal tea has been formulated from carefully researched herbs like Bottle brush,eucalyptus leaves,Aloevera,Sarsaparilla,burdock,mullein flowers,black seeds,moringa leaf powder,cactus powder,Mango leaf powder,Avocado leaf powder,Turmeric powder,Sage,thyme,echinacea,Oregano,Lobelia,Lungwort,Rosemary,English Ivy,pineapple pulp and peels,Cayenne pepper,Soursop leaves,chamomile flowers,Lemon grass,Ginger,Clove powder.

We can’t list all the benefits of this tea but let’s name some of them.

The tea helps with detoxing,nourishing and rejuvenating the body.

Improves breathing.

Clears phlegm.

Boosts immunity.

Ideal for people that smoke and stay around smokers.

Ideal for hypertensive and diabetic people.

Improves lung health.

May help with asthma,sinusitis,coughs,cold,bronchitis,pneumonia.

Ideal for people that work in chemical and dusty areas.

May help with joint aches, Arthritis,Inflammation .

Boosts energy levels.

We do believe the herbal ingredients of this tea will do an amazing job in your body when you drink this tea,it took us lots of hours of research to formulate it and we go hope you love it.

We loved boiling and packing this tea.

We are so excited and can’t wait to hear from you .

Please update us when you purchase this tea and use it on how it made you feel.


This herbal tea reminds us of the old days at grandmas house where a pot of herbal tea was made every now and then to fight off colds,skin related issues ,utis,stds and many other diseases.

It was a to go tea for almost any reason.

Try it and get back to us with your beautiful review .

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